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Under Age 65 + Over Age 65 (Combination Medicare and Pre-Medicare)

Combination coverage applies if you would like to cover your spouse and/or child(ren) and some of you are over age 65 (or eligible for early Medicare) and others are not.  To enroll in combination coverage, choose a Pre-Medicare health plan for those not eligible for Medicare and choose a Medicare health plan for those over age 65 or Medicare eligible.

  •  The Pre-Medicare and Medicare health carrier must be the same
    • UMR (Pre-Medicare) and UnitedHealthcare (Medicare)
    • Kaiser (Pre-Medicare and Medicare)
  • Combination coverage only applies to health coverage.  Regardless of Medicare status, the Dental and Vision plans are the same for Medicare and Pre-Medicare enrollees.

For more information:

Register for a Webinar 

Health care may be one of your biggest concerns in retirement. If you are retired, or about to retire, you may want to check out a 45-minute PERACare Information Webinar that explains the retiree health care, dental and vision plan insurance options offered through PERA.

Retiree health plans are offered for people under 65 and for people over 65 and on Medicare, so please choose a webinar based on your age. Since you are interested in combination coverage, we suggest you check out both webinars. We’ll cover everything you need to know including an overview of the plans, enrollment opportunities, and paperwork you’ll need to submit.

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