Colorado PERA provides retirement and other benefits to more than 500,000 current and former teachers, State Troopers, snowplow drivers, corrections officers, and other public employees who provide valuable services to all of Colorado.



As a traditional pension plan with many added features, Colorado PERA provides you with comprehensive benefits and helps you navigate the road to retirement.



As a retiree, you are a valuable and stable contributor to the state’s economy and that means it’s as important as ever for you to stay
up-to-date on what’s happening at Colorado PERA.



Colorado PERA has over 500 affiliated employers including the State of Colorado, all school districts, the judicial system, and many municipalities and local government entities.

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May 2, 2016
Eligible members should receive a ballot package in the coming days for the PERA Board of Trustees election. Ballots were mailed in...
Apr 27, 2016
PERA has launched a new online portal to increase communication and interaction with potential emerging managers as well as traditional investment managers

PERA on the Issues

A digest of timely information and insight about finance, investing, and retirement. Why retirement is a flawed concept | Harvard...

Colorado PERA has launched a new online portal designed to engage with the emerging investment manager community. PERA staff developed...

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