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Retirement Process Webinar Resources

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Retirement Process Meeting Presentation

Slide 1: Retirement Process Meeting

Slide 2: At the end of this webinar, you’ll be able to …

Slide 3Preparing for Retirement

Slide 4: Retirement Benefit Estimate

  • PERA Customer Service: 800-759-7372

Slide 5: Request Social Security Estimate

Slide 6: Complete Service Credit Purchases

Slide 7: PERAPlus Plan Options 

Slide 8: Study Health and Life Insurance Options             

Slide 9: Discuss with Your Employer

Slide 10: Preparing for Retirement

Slide 11: PERA Benefit Payment

Slide 12: Applying for Retirement

Slide 13: Retirement Application Part 1

Slide 14: Retirement Application Terms

Slide 15: Retirement Application Part 2

Slide 16: Retirement Benefit Estimate

Slide 17: Option and Cobeneficiary Changes

Slide 18: Direct Deposit by EFT

Slide 19: Withholding Preference 

Slide 20: PERACare Enrollment

Slide 21: Retirement Paperwork

Slide 22: After Retirement

Slide 23: Annual Increase

Slide 24: Working After Retirement for a PERA Employer

Slide 25: Action Steps

Slide 27: Survey