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Retiree FAQs

When will I receive my benefit payment? 

PERA benefits are paid by direct deposit on the last business day of each month. If you receive a check in the mail instead of direct deposit, your check will be mailed on the last business day of the month.

Will I receive annual increases to my PERA benefit? 

The annual increase (AI) is paid in July of each year and may change with the Automatic Adjustment Provision (AAP). Eligibility for the AI and the amount depends on a variety of factors. Please see the Annual Increases for Benefit Recipients fact sheet.


How does my PERA benefit affect my Social Security benefit? 

Most PERA members don't contribute to Social Security while they work for PERA employers. If you are eligible for both a PERA benefit and a Social Security benefit, your PERA benefit will never be reduced due to any Social Security benefit you may receive. However, your Social Security benefit may be reduced if you are receiving a PERA benefit. Click here for more information.

For any questions about a reduction in your Social Security benefit, contact the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 or


Is my PERA benefit taxable? 

Yes, your PERA benefit is subject to federal and state income tax. The taxable amount of your benefit will depend on the tax-paid and the tax-deferred balances in your member contribution account at retirement. If you have tax-paid money, based upon your age (and the age of your cobeneficiary, if applicable), part of your PERA benefit will not be taxable at the federal level for a specified number of months. Depending on your age, a portion of your benefit may not be taxable by the state of Colorado. Please review the Taxes on PERA Benefits booklet for more details.

How do I check my withholdings or make changes? 

Log in to your PERA account and select the “Forms” menu. From there, select the “Tax Withholding” menu which will take you to the electronic form and follow the prompts to complete and submit. If you have multiple accounts with PERA, you will need to select each account separately from the "Account Select" drop-down menu to make the changes for each.

Does PERA withhold state taxes for any state other than Colorado? 

No, PERA is only able to withhold taxes for Colorado. If you become a resident of a state other than Colorado, you need to update your tax withholding, as PERA does not automatically stop tax withholding for the state of Colorado based on an address change.