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PERAChoice Webinar Resources

Download the presentation:

PERAChoice Presentation

Slide 1: PERA Choice

Slide 2: Member Contribution Rates

Slide 3: Employer Contributions

 Slide 4: Two Choices

Slide 5: Who invests?                   

Slide 6: What are the risks?

Slide 7: How long will your income last?

Slide 8: What will I get at retirement with Defined Benefit?

Slide 9: What will I get at retirement with Defined Contribution?

Slide 10: Are there additional benefits?

DB Plan only:

  1. Survivor Benefits
  2. Disability Benefits
  3. Annual Benefit Increases
  4. Health Benefits (PERACare) *, **

* DB plan: Healthcare + subsidy.

**DC Plan:  No subsidy. Eligibility requirements 

Slide 11: Are there fees?

Slide 12: Is there access to voluntary plans?

For both DB and DC:

Slide 13: Will I have a Social Security reduction?

Slide 14: Options

Slide 15: Leaving PERA Employment – DB Plan

Slide 16: Leaving PERA Employment – DC Plan

Slide 17: Opportunity to Switch Plans

Slide 18: Get More Information

Slide 19: Survey