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PERACare Carriers

The following carrier information is for retirees enrolled in either a Medicare or Pre-Medicare PERACare Plan. 

Kaiser Permanente 

Kaiser Permanente Home Page

Customer Service: 303-338-3800 or 800-632-9700

Clinical Pharmacy Center: 303-338-4503

Group #: 1804


Kaiser Medicare Formulary 2024

Kaiser Pre-Medicare Formulary 2024 (Please select Colorado Commercial HMO Formulary)

UMR (A UnitedHealthcare Company) 

UMR Home Page

Prescription Drug Finder

Customer Service: 866-683-6435

Group #: 76-415014

Pharmacy Claim Information:
Rx BIN: 610127
Rx PCN: 01960000
Rx Group: 01963640


Cigna Dental 

Cignal Dental Home Page

Pre-enrollment Customer Service: 800-564-7642

Customer Service: 877-635-7372

Group #: 3171792


Cigna Dental HMO Summary Plan Description 2024
Delta Dental 

Delta Dental Home Page

Customer Service: 800-610-0201

Group #: 11869


PERA participates in the Delta Dental PPO network.  You will have the lowest cost if you see a dentist in the PPO network.  If you go to a dentist in the Delta Dental Premier network, you’ll still save money but will pay any difference between the Premier fee and the PPO fee in addition to your cost share.  If you go to an out-of-network dentist you’ll have the highest costs and will be balance-billed.

Using PPO Versus Premier DentistsDelta Dental: Prevention First programDelta Dental PPO Evidence of Coverage 2024



VSP Home Page

Customer Service: 800-877-7195

Group #: 12144626


  • Click “Provider Directory” above.
  • Click “Log In” if you already have a VSP online account. To create an online VSP account, click “Create an Account.” (You may search all providers without logging in by searching by location.)
  • Click on “Find a Doctor.”
  • Click “Advanced Search +” to create filters for your search. (If you have not logged in, choose “Choice” under “Doctor Network.”)
  • After you have made your selections, click “Apply Filters.” Enter your address or ZIP code and click “Search.”
  • Your in-network providers for your vision plan will be displayed.
VSP Evidence of Coverage 2024