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PERACare Carriers

The following carrier information is for retirees enrolled in either a Medicare or Pre-Medicare PERACare Plan. 

UMR (A UnitedHealthcare Company) 

UMR Home Page

Prescription Drug Finder

Customer Service: 1-866-683-6435

Group #: 76-415014

Pharmacy Claim Information:
Rx BIN: 610127
Rx PCN: 01960000
Rx Group: 01963640


UMR PPO Summary Plan Description 2022
Cigna Dental 

Cignal Dental Home Page

Pre-enrollment Customer Service: 1-800-564-7642

Customer Service: 1-877-635-7372

Group #: 3171792


Cigna Dental HMO Summary Plan Description 2022Cigna Dental PPO Summary Plan Description 2022
Delta Dental 

Delta Dental Home Page

Customer Service: 1-800-610-0201

Group #: 11869


  • Click “Provider Directory” above.
  • Click “Sign In/Register” if you already have a Delta online account or if you would like to create one. If you do not wish to log in, select “Delta Dental PPO” under “Your Plan.”
  • Search by specialty, dentist’s last name, and/or location. After entering your search criteria, click “Find dentists.”
  • Your in-network providers for your dental plan will be displayed.
Delta Dental FAQsDelta Dental: Prevention First programDelta Dental PPO Evidence of Coverage 2022

VSP Home Page

Customer Service: 1-800-877-7195

Group #: 12144626


  • Click “Provider Directory” above.
  • Click “Log In” if you already have a VSP online account. To create an online VSP account, click “Create an Account.” (You may search all providers without logging in by searching by location.)
  • Click on “Find a Doctor.”
  • Click “Advanced Search +” to create filters for your search. (If you have not logged in, choose “Choice” under “Doctor Network.”)
  • After you have made your selections, click “Apply Filters.” Enter your address or ZIP code and click “Search.”
  • Your in-network providers for your vision plan will be displayed.
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