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PERA is With You Every Step of the Way Throughout Your Career

Whether you’re brand new to public service, in the middle of your career, or nearing retirement, PERA has information and tools to help you get the most from your retirement. Learning about your benefits and developing your retirement plan is made easy on

By visiting the website, you have access videos, webinars, Frequently Asked Questions and retirement planning tools. If you haven’t explored your benefits, the Welcome PERA Members page is a great place to start. This page provides starting points for members that are New to PERA, Mid-Career, and Ready to Retire. Many of these tools can also be found on PERA on Demand, meaning you can watch a webinar, video or read about your benefits on your schedule 24/7. Your membership provides easy access to everything you need to know about PERA benefits, tools for retirement planning and tips to help you grow your retirement.  

If you’re not an on-demand kind of learner, consider signing up for a live webinar. These online, interactive presentations provide forums where members can ask a PERA expert their questions. If you are considering retirement in the next two years, you can also call PERA at 800-759-7372 to get an estimate of your monthly retirement benefit and all of the benefits you may be eligible for.