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August 22, 2016
For the fifth consecutive year, Colorado PERA received a clean financial audit.
July 22, 2016
Counseling appointments are now available at Colorado PERA’s new satellite office in Lone Tree. To reserve an individual appointment, visit the Meetings & Appointments page and choose “Lone Tree” from the “Location” drop-down menu. You can also call PERA's Customer...
July 14, 2016
Annual increases will be paid to eligible benefit recipients with July’s benefit check. To learn more about the annual increase amount and how it’s determined, view one of the videos below.
June 24, 2016
For most eligible retirees and benefit recipients, the annual increase (AI) to be paid on July 31 will be 2 percent.
June 21, 2016
Delivering positive returns in challenging financial markets during 2015, PERA proves it is one of Colorado’s best investments
June 21, 2016
Colorado PERA members elected William N. Parker from the School Division, David Hall from the State Division, Robert Lamb from the Local Government Division, and the Honorable Will Bain from the Judicial Division to the 16-member Board of Trustees.