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PERA operates by authority of the Colorado General Assembly and is administered under Title 24, Article 51 of the Colorado Revised Statutes. The primary purpose is to provide benefits and programs as specified by state law, and the Board of Trustees oversees the administration of these benefits and programs, as established by the state legislature. Any changes must go through the legislative process and be signed into law by the Governor. 

2023 Legislation Impacting Colorado PERA

Legislative Reports 
Signal Light Reporting for the Hybrid Defined Benefit PlanColorado PERA's Economic and Fiscal ImpactsRural School District PERA Employee Retiree ReportColorado PERA Senate Bill 10-001 Report
Senate Bill 14-214 Independent Studies on Colorado PERA

In the 2014 legislative session, the Joint Budget Committee sponsored Senate Bill 14-214, which created and funded three separate studies to be conducted by neutral, outside experts to examine aspects of the benefit and funding structure of PERA. The Board of Trustees supported the bill and it was signed into law by Gov. Hickenlooper on June 4, 2014. All three studies were completed in 2015.

Milliman Retirement Benefits StudyGabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company Plan Design StudyPension Trustee Advisors Sensitivity Analysis
Legislation Impacting PERA 
Senate Bill 18-200

The Colorado General Assembly passed Senate Bill 200 during the 2018 legislative session, which was a bi-partisan and comprehensive pension reform measure that made a number of changes to the contribution and benefit structure of Colorado PERA.

Senate Bill 18-200 Impact of Changes