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Investment Stewardship


Stewardship has always been the foundation of PERA’s mission. As stewards of the state’s largest public retirement system, we manage $56 billion in assets on behalf of more than 670,000 current and former public employees and their beneficiaries. That is a tremendous responsibility, and one we accept wholeheartedly.

In compliance with our fiduciary duty, PERA is committed to prioritizing the long-term financial sustainability of the Fund through our investments. Toward that end, we pursue the most attractive returns relative to risk across diverse asset classes, a broad investible universe, and a long-term horizon.

PERA’s investment stewardship revolves around four key practices for financial sustainability:

  • Protect: We protect members’ interests by being mindful of investment costs
  • Integrate: We integrate all financially material factors into our investment decisions
  • Advocate: We advocate for robust market practices that are aligned with the interests of long-term investors
  • Evaluate: We evaluate our portfolios on an ongoing basis and through various lenses to assess underlying attributes

In response to interest from PERA’s stakeholders, we are pleased to present our annual Investment Stewardship Report and supplemental resources. PERA’s stewardship approach adheres to our investment policies by maintaining focus on maximizing risk-adjusted returns across the Total Fund, in line with our mission to provide retirement security for our members while ensuring the sustainability of the fund. To learn more about PERA’s financially sustainable investment practices we invite you to explore and download these resources:

This Infographic is a snapshot of interesting quantified facts related to PERA’s investment stewardship.

Investment Stewardship Infographic

The Investment Stewardship Report is a comprehensive look at PERA’s philosophy and key practices for serving as responsible stewards of plan assets, PERA’s portfolio exposures to various environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, and PERA’s perspectives on related matters, including divestment.

Investment Stewardship Report

The Investment Stewardship Overview is a brief summary of PERA’s philosophy and approach to investment stewardship, along with facts and figures related to our four key stewardship practices.

Investment Stewardship Overview

The Proxy Voting Policy  sets forth the PERA Board’s parameters for staff to vote on public equity portfolio company matters that may affect long-term shareholder value, such as: the election of directors, auditor ratification, executive compensation, and disclosure of financially relevant ESG risks and opportunities.

Proxy Voting Policy

The Understanding ESG Infographic clarifies what ESG is and is not, and provides examples of financially relevant investment factors PERA may consider in our portfolio management.

Understanding ESG Infographic
Video: Risks and Opportunities (1 min) 
 Video: Prioritizing Financial Value Over Personal or Political Values (2 min)