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Employer Toolkit

This Employer Toolkit is designed to help you share important and timely information with your employees to improve their understanding about PERA benefits. You can copy and paste the introductions and links below into your employee newsletters or intranet site. 

Please take a few moments to watch our Employer Toolkit Introduction video to learn about all the resources available here.

Featured Content: December

Inflation risk for retirees is an important topic to know about and plan for. As you know, inflation causes the cost of almost everything to increase over time, a potential problem for a retiree. So, while we want to acknowledge that the following ideas are not necessarily something everyone can do at certain points in their careers, we wanted to share three ways to plan for inflation in retirement, hoping that with knowledge comes power:

Save extra! It is almost a guarantee that your dollar today will not be worth as much as your dollar in retirement. Knowing it is half the battle because you can save extra to prepare. One way to do that is to invest more by having a PERAPlus account.

Work longer. While that’s not everyone’s favorite tip to hear, it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself if it looks like your budget might be tight. When looking at your projected monthly retirement benefit, calculate how much even just one or two years of extra income can make a huge difference!

Consider working in retirement. Many retirees find that they can save extra for later years (and work a little less) by working in retirement. It’s a way to have your cake and eat it too.