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Board Committees

Committee Assignments

Audit Committee

Reviews PERA’s internal controls related to financial and accounting reporting systems, provides oversight for the ethical conduct of the Board and PERA staff, and assists the Board in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities. This committee is made up of no fewer than five Board members as well as two outside members who are independent of any relationship with PERA.

Benefits Committee

Oversees PERA’s benefit programs and has no fewer than six Board members.

Compensation and Budget Committee

Submits a budget that implements the organization’s policies and priorities, recommends changes to the Total Compensation Philosophy statement, recommends compensation levels for the Executive Director, and sets the education budget provided for Trustees’ education. This committee has no fewer than five members.

Evaluation Committee

Assists the Board with certain performance evaluation responsibilities and includes the Board Chair, Vice Chair, and the chairs of all standing Board committees.

Executive Committee

Includes the Board Chair and Vice Chair (plus the Executive Director) and oversees effective management of Board and committee meetings.

Investment Committee

Provides oversight of PERA investments and directs PERA management on implementation of investment policy and procedures related to the fund’s rights and responsibilities as an investor in many public corporations. This committee has no fewer than six Board members.