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Your Benefits on Your Schedule: Join a PERA Webinar

No matter where you are in your career or life, questions about your PERA benefits may come to mind, but when and how can you have them answered?

In less than an hour and from the comfort of your couch, PERA’s free educational webinars walk you through your benefits. You can ask questions in a live Q&A with our knowledgeable Member Education team and get clear information so you know what benefits are available as you map out plans for retirement. Here are the webinars available for members:

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New PERA Members

Start strong

Your first day working for a PERA employer is not too soon to lay a great foundation for retirement. We’re here to help you. Hop on a webinar geared just for you:

New Member Webinar: For new school district employees, judges, non-State classified employees at a university or college, and new employees at certain instrumentalities of the State (View PERA Affiliated Employers).

Retirement Choice Webinar: For new employees with the State of Colorado, community colleges, universities, or local government employers who are required to choose between the PERA Defined Benefit (DB) Plan and the PERA Defined Contribution (DC) Plan within the first 60 days of being hired.

Mid-Career Members

A benefits refresher

Benefit Information Webinar: Perfect for members who have been working at a PERA employer for a few years and need a refresher on their benefits. We include helpful info on how to calculate and plan now for a PERA retirement.

Late Career/Retirement Ready Members

When can you retire?

Retirement Process Webinar: If retirement is in sight, don’t miss this one! We help you create an action plan for the last year before retirement, including a review of the application process and other tips on this important step of the PERA journey.

Find a date and time that work for you and register in advance