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Webinars for Every Career Stage

Colorado PERA offers educational webinars to help members understand the value of their PERA benefits. These webinars are free, take less than an hour, and have social distancing automatically built in. In addition, webinar participants frequently report feeling relief and being more prepared for retirement. This is your opportunity to get answers to all those questions swimming around in your head as PERA staff conduct live Q&A sessions at every meeting. Check out some of our offerings for members at different stages in their careers:

New PERA Members

Have less stress about knowing where to start

The journey to retirement starts from your first day on the job and we are here to guide you. Get a leg up on your action plans toward a happy retirement. If you recently became a PERA member, there is a webinar tailored just for you:

  • New Member Webinar—For new school district employees, judges, non-State classified employees at a university or college, and new employees at certain instrumentalities of the State.
  • Retirement Choice Webinar—For new employees with the State of Colorado, a community college, a university, or a local government may be required to choose between the PERA Defined Benefit (DB) Plan and the PERA Defined Contribution (DC) Plan within the first 60 days of being hired.

Mid-Career Members

Improve your memory by learning something new

If you’ve been working at a PERA employer for a few years, you may want a refresher on your PERA benefits. Attend the Benefit Information Webinar to learn about the PERA DB Plan, including how to plan now and calculate what you’ll get in retirement, and other hidden gems you may not know.

Members Planning to Retire Within Two Years

Get an endorphin rush when you find out you can retire

If retirement is in sight, the Retirement Process Webinar will help you create your action plan for your last year before retirement, walk you through the application process, and cover other things you’ll need to know as you take this important step on your PERA journey.

View the webinars page to find a date and time that work for you. Advance registration is required.