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Turning 65 in 2022?

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If you’ll be celebrating your 65th birthday this year, you will be eligible to enroll in Medicare. This also means that you can enroll in a PERACare Medicare plan. If you’re currently enrolled in a PERACare pre-Medicare plan, you will need to enroll in a PERACare Medicare plan in order to continue health care coverage with PERACare. 

To prepare for the transition, here are two simple things to do now:

  1. Attend our Turning 65 webinar and in just 45 minutes, we’ll walk you through important Medicare basics and your PERACare health options.
  2. Apply for Medicare online or make an appointment with Social Security. Medicare Part B is required for enrollment in a PERACare Medicare plan. Enroll in Medicare Part A if eligible to receive it at no cost. You can apply online on the Social Security website.

To enroll in a PERACare Medicare plan, here are the three things to do:

  1. Contact the Social Security Administration no more than 90 days prior to your 65th birthday to enroll in Medicare Part B, and Part A if you are eligible to receive it at no cost.
  2. Complete a PERACare Enrollment/Change Form–Medicare Coverage before your Medicare effective date and submit it to PERA. Also complete and include PERA’s Certification of Previous Health Care Coverage form if you are not already enrolled in a PERACare plan.
  3. Send PERA a copy of your Medicare card with the Medicare Card Submission form.

Resources to Learn More

Three months before your 65th birthday, PERA will either email you or send you a packet that describes the PERACare options that will work with Medicare once you turn age 65. Listed below are other resources to learn more:

Did You Know?

You are eligible to enroll in Medicare when you turn age 65 even if you have always worked for a Colorado PERA employer and have never worked under Social Security.