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Top 3 phone requests you can do online

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On any given day, PERA’s Customer Service Center answers close to 1,500 calls. Although our representatives enjoy talking to and helping members, there are some requests that you can do online to save you time. Here are the top three phone requests we receive that you can do online.

1. Online Access

Accessing your account online puts all of your PERA information right at your fingertips. You’ll be able to see how much money you saved so far, estimate your future retirement check, update your address, and more. To do any of this, you’ll first need to register as a new user and create a user profile.

2. Purchasing Service Credit

By purchasing service credit, you can increase your benefit amount and possibly even retire sooner than you planned. The process can all be done online starting with using the “Cost to Purchase” calculator to get an idea of what you’ll need to pay to purchase service and then completing and submitting your Service Credit Purchase Application.

3. Retirement Planning

No matter where you are in your PERA journey and life stage, the PERA calculators are a great resource to use in your retirement planning. From the Monthly Retirement Benefit calculator to the PERA Retirement Planner to the Termination Options, we have a wide array of calculators that pull in your account data and do all the math to generate custom results. (Please note that these are only estimates and your actual retirement benefit may differ from what you see in the calculator.)

Manage your passwords

Every day, PERA’s Customer Service Center receives many calls from members who forgot their passwords or other security information tied to their accounts. Although tracking and remembering all of your different passwords can be frustrating, it’s critical in protecting your personal and sensitive information.

According to the U.S. Government Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency (CISA), using programs called password managers offer the option to create randomly generated passwords for all of your accounts. You then access your passwords with a master password. There are several password managers available that may be worth considering to save yourself the hassle of calling PERA and keep your sensitive account information in one location.