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Tips for Calling PERA’s Customer Service

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It’s no secret that PERA’s Customer Service Representatives provide stellar member service. On average as a group, they answer about 1,500 calls per day and 230,000 calls a year. With that many callers, we’ve been able to collect the data from these thousands of phone calls to provide a few tips to make your experience go even more smoothly the next time you call PERA at 1-800-759-7372: 

Call Before 9 a.m.

While some wait time is common right now, there are often shorter wait times before 9 a.m.

Have Your Social Security Number Ready

This is the fastest way for us to access your account.

Be Prepared

Similar to a doctor’s visit, write down your questions before calling and have pen and paper handy to take notes and write down any information you are given. Additionally, if you are calling about an email or something you received in the mail, have that mailing on hand for easier reference.

Keep Your Information Safe

One of our top priorities is to keep member information secure and that’s why we cannot speak to anyone other than the member unless we have a power of attorney on file.

Consider Secure Messaging

If you are unable to call during our open hours or if you have a scanned document to send, please consider sending us a secure message when logged in to your PERA account. More complex issues are easier to handle verbally, but in some cases, a secure message may be just as efficient as a phone call.