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Take Action: Claim Your Account

Because you have stopped working for a PERA-covered employer, you can make sure that your account stays at PERA in less than two minutes. If we don’t hear from you at least once every five years, your account could be turned over to the State of Colorado’s Unclaimed Property Fund. That means you won’t receive a lifetime monthly benefit in retirement and you may have to claim that distribution on your taxes. 

So keep your account information current and make sure this doesn’t happen by going to the “Claim Your DB Plan Account” secured login page on You can also call PERA’s Customer Service Center at 1-800-759-7372. Remember, PERA will need your current address in order to contact you when it’s time to take a benefit—so please let us know when you move.

If you have reached the IRS required minimum distribution age (72 or older if you were born on or after June 30, 1949, or age 70½ if you were born before that date), and are not working at a PERA-covered employer, you must act on your account by either requesting a refund or rollover of your balance or applying for a retirement benefit. Claiming your account will not prevent it from being turned over to the State if you are reaching your required minimum distribution age. Please contact PERA’s Customer Service Center for more information on your options.

You may also view and print the Refund/Rollover of Your PERA DB Plan Account booklet, which includes the Rollover Request and Refund Request forms.