Colorado PERA Calculators

The following calculators are provided as educational tools to help you with basic financial calculations. You can use them to help you develop your personal investment and retirement strategies.

The calculators require that you provide information. If you have a Colorado PERA PIN, you may click on "Load Data" which will download your information from Colorado PERA's computer records. If you do not have a Colorado PERA PIN, you may find it helpful to refer to your latest Colorado PERA Annual Member Statement for some of the requested information.

Please note the results displayed are based on the unaudited information reported to Colorado PERA by your employer. Records will be audited prior to a formal calculation by Colorado PERA when you apply for a purchase, benefit, or a refund.

Information About These Calculators:

General Financial Calculators

Colorado PERA Benefit Calculators

Colorado PERA Retirement Planner