PERACare for Retirees - 2017

PERACare is PERA's health benefits program for retirees and benefit recipients, which includes health, dental, and vision care insurance programs. You may be enrolled in any or all three types of coverage, and you may also enroll your eligible dependents in any of the plans in which you participate. If you are not currently enrolled and would like more information about PERACare, you should review the information on this page.

Provider Directories

Turning 65 - PERACare and Medicare

Turning 65 - PERACare and Medicare

Provider Directories and Carrier Information

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Provider Directory
Click on “Find a Doctor.” Under “Search as a Guest,” click “Search by Selecting a Plan or Network.” Under “What type of care are you searching for?” select “Medical.”

Choose a state under “What state do you want to search in?” In Colorado, select “Blue Priority PPO.” Outside Colorado, select “Employer-Sponsored National PPO (Blue Card PPO).” Click continue.

Enter your ZIP code. Check both boxes for “Accepting New Patients” and “Able to Serve as a PCP.” Physicians with a “D” next to their name are Tier 1. All others physicians are Tier 2.

View a list of In-Network Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC).

View a list of In-Network Imaging Centers.

View more information about pre-Medicare prescription drug benefits managed by Express Scripts.

Customer Service: 1-877-737-2258

Kaiser Permanente

Provider Directory
You will first need to select your region: Northern Colorado, Denver/Boulder, or Southern Colorado. You can then search for doctors and facilities in your area.

Customer Service:
Denver/Boulder: 303-338-3800
Northern Colorado: 1-800-632-9700
Southern Colorado: 1-888-681-7878

Rocky Mountain Health Plans

Provider Directory
Click on “View PCP list.” Hold down the Control and F buttons on your keyboard to bring up the search box in the PDF and search by doctor name, city, or specialty.

Customer Service:
Pre-enrollment: 1-888-251-1330
Post-enrollment: 1-888-281-0720 


Provider Directory
You will first need to enter your ZIP code, county, and plan year. Then select "UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage (HMO)." You can then search by name, specialty, group, facility, or condition. Then click "Go."

Customer Service:
Pre-enrollment: 1-800-610-2660
Post-enrollment: 1-800-457-8506 

Cigna Dental

Provider Directory
Select "Dentist" under "Find a…" Then under "Select a Plan" select Cigna Dental Care HMO for HMO Dentists, or Cigna Dental PPO or EPO for PPO Dentists then click "Choose." Update the "Search Location." Then under "Looking For," select the type of dentist or dentist name you are looking for and click "Search." Be sure that the dentist has the green Cigna DPPO Advantage checkmark if you want an in-network provider. 

Customer Service: 1-877-635-7372

Delta Dental

Provider Directory
Select the Delta Dental PPO. You can then search by location or dentist/practice name. After entering your search criteria, click on “search for a dentist.”

Customer Service: 1-800-610-0201


Provider Directory
Search for a provider by name or location. Select "Choice" under "Doctor Network" to find in-network providers.

Customer Service: 1-800-877-7195