FAQ by PERA Employers

Woman leading meetingThe following are some frequently asked questions from Colorado PERA employers.

Employee-Related Questions

Q: How do we notify PERA if one of our employees dies?

A: To notify PERA of an employee’s death, complete the Death Notification/Salary Report and submit it to PERA.

Q: We recently hired an employee who has contributions in another public pension plan. Can he/she transfer these contributions to PERA?

A: These contributions cannot be directly rolled over into the PERA Defined Benefit Plan, but they may be eligible for use in purchasing PERA service credit. The employee should review the Purchasing Service Credit booklet or contact PERA’s Customer Service Center for additional information. These contributions may also be eligible for rollover into the PERAPlus 401(k) and/or 457 Plans.

Disability Insurance Questions

Q: A member is on an unpaid disability leave. He is being paid through PERA’s disability insurance program and/or the employer’s disability insurance program. Are these payments considered PERA-includable salary?

A: No. These earnings are not for services rendered so they are not considered PERA-includable salary.

Q: A member on short-term disability receives 60 percent of his salary from a disability insurance company. The employer is supplementing this with paid leave to bring the member up to 100 percent of total earnings. Are these earnings PERA-includable?

A: The disability insurance company portion is not PERA-includable salary because it is not for services rendered. However, the leave payment is PERA-includable.

PERA-Includable Salary Questions

Q: An employee of a school district is given a bonus for helping their employer by referring someone for a hard-to-fill vacancy. Should the employer submit contributions on this payment?

A: No, this payment is not for services rendered by the employee, so it is not considered PERA-includable salary.

Q: An active, not retired, teacher of a school district performs services as an independent contractor in addition to her regular duties as a teacher. Should the employer submit contributions on this payment for the work as an independent contractor?

A: No, this member is an active employee and the work completed as an independent contractor is not for services rendered by the employee so it is not considered PERA-includable salary.

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