Designation Process

August 25, 2017

Once the critical shortage has been declared and the retiree has been hired to fill the position, you must submit a completed Designation of Retirees Working After Retirement in a Critical Shortage Position form to PERA in order for the critical shortage designation to be valid. This form can be printed and submitted to PERA. Or, you can submit the form online by completing the following steps:

1. Log in to STARS.

Login from the PERA homepage

2. Locate the “Critical Shortage Designation” in the “Forms” menu.

Critical Shortage form in menu in STARS

3. Click the “+” button to add information about the critical shortage retiree.

Designation of Retiree in Critical Shortage Position

4. Enter the required information. “Hire Date” is the effective date of the designation of a retiree as a critical shortage retiree, which may be different than the retiree’s initial hire date with the school district.

Retiree information

Designations are made on a calendar year, not academic year, basis, and all designations must be made in the calendar year in which they are applicable. For example, a critical shortage retiree who is hired to work the entire 2017–2018 school year and is designated in August 2017 will need to be designated again in January 2018 in order to complete the academic year as a critical shortage retiree. Any designations made after the applicable calendar year will not be recognized.

Please note that the retiree is subject to working after retirement limits until he/she is designated as a critical shortage retiree. Also, any delay in submitting the Designation form will impact the retiree’s eligibility for the subsidy associated with PERACare coverage (see Health Care section). We strongly encourage you to submit the Designation form to PERA as early in the applicable calendar year as possible.