Bookworm’s Delight

April 12, 2017

Check out this compilation of books written by your fellow retirees. To have your book included in a future edition, email or write to PERA Retiree Report Editor, 1301 Pennsylvania St., Denver, CO, 80203. Please include an ISBN. Cover artwork and a 1-2 sentence synopsis are also accepted and may be used at PERA’s discretion.

Marsha W. Abelman (2008, Academy School District #20)

“Escaping and Surviving Religion” in Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life Without Religion

Barbara Bailey (2004, Pikes Peak Community College)

Ascent: Taking Off

Set in Chicago in the 60's, a teenage girl faces the unexpected realities of being an intelligent minority trying to do the 
right thing.

Karen Ballek (2002, University of Colorado)

We are One Family: Polish Immigration to Sheridan County, Wyoming 1890–1920

Lucille C. Bell (1997, Colorado Springs School District 11)

Molly and the Cat Who Stole Her Tongue

Mary Ellen Bell (2016, Weld County School District Re-3J)


Cover of Seeing Alaska from the Back of a Motorcycle

Beverly Burton (2010, Colorado State University)

Seeing Alaska From the Back of a Motorcycle

Matts Djos (2005, Colorado Mesa University)

Like White, Scattering Flowers

Nasario Garcia (2006, Colorado State University at Pueblo)

Grandpa Lolo’s Matanza: A New Mexico Tradition

Denny Geraghty (1998, Adams 12 Five Star Schools)

Trench Warfare: How to Win the War to Educate Our Children

Anthony Giuliano (1990, Mapleton School District 1)

Patches: Patch: Part or Area Distinct From That About it

Hughes Glantzberg (2013, Western State College University)

Al Ataque

Barry D. Ham (2014, Academy School District #20)

Unstuck: Escaping the Rut of a Lifeless Marriage

Sally Harms (2007, Boulder County Government)

Prairie Ghosts

Sharon Johnson as Grandma Science (2004, Adams 12 Five Star Schools)

The Amazingly Awesome Animals of the Amazon River Rainforest, The Littlest Beach and The Great Coral Reef, and The Rarest Penguin and The Enchanted Galapagos Islands

Three children’s books that use photography and whimsical rhyme to take the readers on wildlife expeditions in search of amazing and rare animals.

Barbara Kaare-Lopez (2007, Denver Public Schools)

Nurse Patch-It’s Diary: The Diary of a Public School Nurse & Clown

Jim LaBuda (2016, Eagle County School District Re 50)

Santorini Escape: Life, Love, and Travel

Jean P. Lehmann (2008, Colorado State University) and Deborah P. Valentine (Cobeneficiary)

Anchored in Belize

Sharon McAnear (2010, Durango School District 9-R)

Raining Love in Dove Creek

In 1939, money is tighter than a spinster’s corset, but bean farmer Violet Hendricks is tired of waiting for the finer things in life—as in her Congressman neighbor to propose marriage.

Gail G. Mesplay (1999, Jefferson County School District R-1)

A Moment of Peace and Quiet: Meditations for Teachers

Craig A. Munsart (2011, Jefferson County School District R-1)

A Cruise Ship Primer: History & Operations

Cover of A Chardonnay a Day

Maggie McCann Pike (2010, Douglas County School District Re 1)

A Chardonnay a Day: Vignettes That Bring Cheer

Judith Robbins Rose (2007, Department of Treasury)

Look Both Ways in the Barrio Blanco

Robert Spiller (2010, Lewis-Palmer School District 38)

A Calculated Demise, Irrational Numbers, Napier’s Bones, Radical Equations, and The Witch of Agnesi

K.R. Spooner (1992, Littleton School District 6)

River of Lost Souls

Drusilla M. Tieben (2009, City of Boulder)

Buck Jones , Discover the Life You Want to Live, and Silver Storm

Shaila Van Sickle (1999, Fort Lewis College)

Seven Characters in Search of an Author

Joyce Washington (2014, Department of Education)

Thirty Days of Encouragement for the Fender Benders in Your Life

In every issue of the Retiree Report we include a compilation of books written by Colorado PERA retirees. Submitted books are included as a courtesy and the views expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect the views of Colorado PERA. Often the books are self-published, making them difficult to find at your local library or bookstore, however they are usually available online.