Bookworm’s Delight

October 16, 2017

Check out this compilation of books written by your fellow retirees. 

To have your book included in a future edition, email or write to PERA Retiree Report Editor, 1301 Pennsylvania St., Denver, CO, 80203. Please include an ISBN. Cover artwork and a 1-2 sentence synopsis are also accepted and may be used at PERA’s discretion.

Vivian A. Blaine-Price (2007, Huerfano School District Re-1)

A Collection of Short Stories: Some True, Some Not So True And Some a Little Bit of Both

Ken Elder Bledsoe (2001, Poudre School Distrcit R-1)

Echoes From an Eagle

Echoes From an Eagle book cover

Follows Bledsoe’s 10-year search for the wreckage of his father’s B-17 World War II bomber that crashed somewhere in the Pacific Ocean in 1942.

Kathleen Cain (2003, Front Range Community College)

The Cottonwood Tree: An American Champion

Max E. Carlson (2012, Judicial Department)

A Thousand Little Cuts

Don B. Center (2013, Arapahoe Community College)

The Life of Jesus Christ: His Birth, Boyhood, & Marriage; His Mission, Death, & Resurrection

Stirling M. Cooper (1986, Denver Public Schools)

Replacing the Ten Commandments: Cooper’s Essays: Guidelines for Creating a Good Life and a Civilized World

Clare Curtin (2013, Jefferson County School District R-1)

Strategies for Collaborating with Children: Creating Partnerships in Occupational Therapy and Research

Melanie Claire Blinn Eulberg (2008, Littleton School District 6)

Sylvana Takes a Spin

V. Larry Frank Jr. (2016, State Historical Society)

Colorado’s Great Depression Gold Rush: The Oliver Twist Tunnel

Madelyn Garner (1998, Denver Public Schools)

Hum of Our Blood

Norma J. Gilmore (1999, Western State Colorado University)

Get Ready, Set, Go, and Read

Richard Gutkowski (2006, Colorado State University)

Debt is a Four-letter Word But it Need Not Be!: The College Experience

Karen K. Harvey (2003, Colorado Springs School District 11)

Sacred Elephants: The Catastrophic Crisis in Education Impacting the Decline of America

Hugo M. Holzmann (1989, University of Colorado)

The Great Hoax: A Novel of Historical Fiction, Terror: A Historical Novel, and World Tribunal: Force of Three

Giovannina (Joan) Murray (1977, Pueblo School District 60)

Creative Cuisine Collection

Kaye D. Owens (1992, University of Northern Colorado)

Reflections From the Rear View Mirror: A Love Story and Turnup Turns Up

Stephen T. Powers (1993, University of Northern Colorado)

The D-Day Assault: A 70th Anniversary Guide to the Normandy Landings, Finding Custer: An American Icon’s Journey from West Point to the Little Bighorn, and The Great Crusade: A Guide to World War I American Expeditionary Forces Battlefields & Sites

Kevin Purdy (2008, Boulder Valley School District RE2)

The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol

The Legend of Decimus Croome book cover

Decimus Croome is a dastardly curmudgeon whose life changes one memorable Halloween when four ghastly spirits visit him to reveal the misery he has inflicted upon his friends, neighbors, and family members.

Judy Richter (2004, University of Northern Colorado)

Garden Stories

Ruth Steinkoenig (1995, Adams 12 Five Star Schools)

Fasten Your Seatbelts This is Going To Be A Bumpy Ride!: Stories of Life Travels and Praises to God Who Sent Two Guardian Angels to Ride Along

Kathleen M. Utecht (2002, Manitou Springs School District 14)

He Lifted Me Up: Autobiography

Peter Van Arsdale (2003, Department of Human Services)

Global Human Rights: People, Processes, and Principles

Mary VanderWall (2007, Department of Human Services)

Sinus Health: How To Prevent and Correct Sinus Problems

Kathleen Wiederstein DeHerrera (2000, Pueblo City School District 60)

Reflecting Freedom: How Fashion Mirrored the Struggle for Women’s Rights

An abundantly illustrated exploration of the intertwining of fashion with American women’s equality and independence, from colonial times to the year 2000.

Knox Williams (2005, Department of Natural Resources)

The Snowy Torrents: 1996–2004 Avalanche Accidents in the United States

David Williamson (2009, St. Vrain School District RE1J)

Happenings: Cookies and Calico

James C. Work (2000, Colorado State University)

The Contracto

In every issue of the Retiree Report we include a compilation of books written by Colorado PERA retirees. Submitted books are included as a courtesy and the views expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect the views of Colorado PERA. Often the books are self-published, making them difficult to find at your local library or bookstore, however they are usually available online.