Contributing to Colorado’s Economy

July 7, 2017

PERA is a large contributor to the Colorado economy beyond benefit payments with investments that provide jobs and services that boost the state’s economy. Recognizing the opportunities present in Colorado, PERA has more than $495 million invested in Colorado-based companies, partnerships, and assets.

Ultimately, these investments are an economic stimulus, which strengthen the state’s economy.

PERA has Colorado investments within its investment portfolio with 50 percent in Private Equity, 30 percent in Equities, 13 percent in Bonds, and 7 percent in Real Estate. These investments include equity of companies headquartered in Colorado in both established, publicly traded companies, as well as investments in entrepreneurial businesses that rely on private equity capital for growth and expansion. Fixed income investments include bonds issued by the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority as well as bonds issued by other Colorado companies. Real estate investments are by direct ownership and pooled investment capital. PERA also employs investment managers with operations and employees in the state.

Diversification of Investments in Colorado

Pie chart of investments in Colorado

Investments in Colorado

As of December 31, 2016

  Fair Value
  Bonds 53,086,000
  Colorado Housing Finance Authority 10,177,000
    Total Bonds
Real Estate  
  Equity Investments
Private Equity  
  Partnership Investments 174,090,000
  Committed to Future Funding 74,637,000
    Total Private Equity

Total Investments in Colorado


Facts About Colorado PERA Investments

  • As PERA’s assets have grown, the competitive advantage of using in-house investment professionals has also increased, saving PERA over $35 million annually
  • The Total Fund has outperformed the policy benchmark since its adoption in April 2004 
  • More than 56 percent of assets managed internally
  • More than $495 million invested in Colorado companies as of December 31, 2016
  • 9.8 percent annualized 35-year return (gross-of-fees)
  • 38 investment professionals