Investment/Financial Information Released

July 18, 2017

Cover of the Popular Annual Financial Report

Did you know that your retirement plan is one of the largest financial institutions in the state? As such, Colorado PERA annually releases a full report on its investments, operations, and financial condition. 

Released in June, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the year ending December 31, 2016, can answer nearly any question you have about PERA’s finances. The document has long been recognized for its readability and efficiency and it also meets generally accepted accounting principles and applicable legal documents.

The following are a few fundamental facts included in the Annual Report:

  • Investment return for 2016: 7.3 percent
  • Net assets for 2016: $47 billion
  • Funded status: 58.1 percent
  • Net investment income: $3.3 billion
  • Total member contributions: $879 million
  • Fund growth over last 35 years: $41.4 billion
  • Increase in membership over last 35 years: 370 percent

PERA also released its Popular Annual Financial Report, which was mailed to you in July. Also recognized for its quality, this summary of the full report includes an overview of PERA’s assets and long-term returns. . 

Colorado-based investments in 2016 totaled $495 million. Learn more about how PERA benefits grow the Colorado economy.