Community Outreach Tour Update

July 18, 2017

Greg Smith listens to a PERAtour attendeeIn May and June, Colorado PERA toured the state to talk about how the shifting economy and state demographics have impacted PERA’s investment fund and forecasted benefits.

Meeting attendees watched a brief video on the history of PERA’s funding and learned about the new system that helps PERA respond to changing funding conditions. The meetings also included a discussion on the principles and priorities that audience members value regarding PERA.

If you missed the meeting near you, join the conversation about the issues facing PERA by visiting Remember that the tour is the second step in our five-step plan to build a strong future for all of Colorado’s public employees.

In September 2016 PERA's Board began its annual assessment of conditions. Work cumulates in January 2017 with potential recommendations for the legislative session.

PERAtour Fast Facts

  • Total attendees: 900+ people attended one of 12 meetings held in 9 different cities 
  • Highest attendance at a single meeting: 
  • 110 people at the Denver Meeting
  • Number of inches of snowfall in Fort Collins before and during our May 18 meetings: 14
  • Total views on Almost 10,000
  • Total feedback to 160+ submissions

Are You Passionate About Public Employment?

If you want to be a voice advocating for PERA in your community, consider joining the PERA Ambassador Program. Ambassadors share PERA’s positive message through contact with their state legislators, letters to the editor, and other community outreach opportunities. Learn more online or by calling 303-398-7677.