Summer Retirement Checklist

March 27, 2017

Don’t be overwhelmed with the steps you need to take if you want to retire this summer. Instead, stop by the Preparing for Retirement page. From there, you can watch videos, access forms, and use retirement planning calculators. You can also request a PERA Retirement Application Kit be mailed to you. (PERA’s Customer Service Center can take requests at 1-800-759-7372.)

A Retirement Application Kit contains the following forms:

  • A Retirement Application for either the PERA or Denver Public Schools (DPS) benefit structures is included in the Retirement Process booklet and allows you to select your retirement date and benefit type. Instructional videos for completing the forms are available on the Preparing for Retirement page.
  • A Final Six Months’ Salary Report should be given to your employer’s payroll office for completion, although most employers complete this form electronically.
  • A Direct Deposit by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form instructs PERA to automatically deposit your benefit check into your specified bank account.
  • A Withholding Preference Form is included in the Taxes on PERA Benefits booklet and will direct PERA to withhold federal and Colorado state taxes from your monthly benefit.
  • A PERACare Enrollment/Change Form is used if you wish to enroll in a PERACare health, dental, and/or vision plan. The PERACare Enrollment/Change Form must be returned to PERA no later than 30 days after your first benefit payment if you intend to enroll in PERACare for 2017 coverage. 

Refer to the table below for upcoming due dates for the other forms.

Retirement Effective Date Retirement Application Due Direct Deposit by EFT and Withholding Preference Forms Due
June 1 April 3 June 15
July 1 May 1 July 17
August 1 June 1 August 15
September 1 July 3 September 15


Skip Paper Forms

Log on to with your User ID and password and complete all retirement forms electronically.