PERA Executives Retire

March 27, 2017

Two long-time executives at Colorado PERA retired in early 2017: Karl Greve, Chief Financial Officer, and Jennifer Paquette, Chief Investment Officer.

Greve originally joined PERA in 1985 and was promoted to the Director of Accounting/Controller in 1987. He was named Chief Financial Officer in 2008. 

In addition to his work at PERA, Greve has served on the American Institute of CPAs’ Employee Benefits Expert Panel, the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) Committee on Retirement and Benefits Administration, the Colorado Society of CPAs' Governmental Issues Committee, the Association of Government Accountants–Denver Chapter Executive Committee, and as a board member and former President of the Public Pension Financial Forum (P2F2). Greve is a leader in public pension fund accounting and has been active on several task forces for the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).

“Meeting members I would always say that I worked for them,” said Greve. “As I become a retiree, I know, and you should know, that PERA has a dedicated and very talented staff administering the plan for all of us. The staff throughout PERA are industry leaders and are well respected throughout the country. I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to have worked for you, and I look forward to the new challenges ahead.”

Paquette joined PERA in 1995. In 1998, she was named Director of Fixed Income and later served as Deputy Executive Director of Investments before being named Chief Investment Officer in 2003. 

Under Paquette’s leadership, PERA has beat its policy benchmark since its inception in 2004, and PERA has performed in the top quartile of its peer pension funds over the last 1-, 5-, and 10-year periods. Additionally, the assets under management have grown from $29 billion to $44 billion. Paquette is a Chartered Financial Analyst and is a member of the Association of Investment Management and Research and the Denver Society of Security Analysts. She is a member of the boards of The Colorado Trust, the Samaritan Institute, the Samaritan Foundation, and Rwanda Village Makeover.

“I left Wall Street after 10 years to come to Colorado. I was excited to join my colleagues at PERA and have the opportunity to apply my investment experience for the benefit of public employees,” said Paquette. “Remembering the faces of the membership during difficult markets has helped guide me in decision making. It has truly been an honor to serve those that serve our State.”

Karl Greve
Karl Greve

Jennifer Paquette