You Are Our Top Priority

October 16, 2017

Colorado PERA is required by law to act solely in the best interest of our members and retirees. This undivided loyalty is called being a fiduciary, and it’s one of the most important aspects of managing your retirement plan.

Our fiduciary duty is the same whether you just became a member today or have been one for 30 years. 

Currently, the commitment to our fiduciary duty is publicly playing out in the activities surrounding the PERAtour and developing a plan to make sure that PERA is sustainable for all current and future members. To that end, we’ve spoken with many of you on how to address our too‑high risk profile and you’ve provided us with a set of guiding principles to prioritize how PERA should move forward and fulfill our fiduciary duties.

Beyond unique activities like the PERAtour, our commitment to you and our fiduciary duty guides the day-to-day activities of PERA, including:

  • Working with legislators and all stakeholders to explain how proposed legislation would affect PERA’s overall funded status.
  • Reviewing third-party service providers regularly and ensuring that service levels and fees are still appropriate. In fact, you may remember a fee reduction that was passed on to PERAPlus Plan participants earlier this year.
  • Selecting and monitoring investments on an ongoing basis.
  • Promoting accountability and transparency through corporate governance and proxy voting activities.
  • Committing to customer service excellence with an eye toward cost-saving innovations to better serve you.

At PERA, we take seriously the responsibility of providing a stable retirement for Colorado’s public employees.


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