October 16, 2017

Colorado PERA is guided by our commitment to quality customer service, operational efficiency, ethical conduct, and accountability. Our commitment has been recently recognized for the following:

  • For the seventh consecutive year, auditors found no significant deficiencies or material weaknesses in PERA’s financial reporting or controls. Each year, independent auditors hired by the Office of the State Auditor conduct a review of PERA’s financial status and fiscal controls. These results were reported to the Legislative Audit Committee of the Colorado General Assembly in July 2017.
  • Our service scores and low cost were recognized by CEM Benchmarking, an international pension benchmarking firm in Toronto. When compared to our peer group of 13 U.S. public retirement systems, PERA’s service score was above the peer median. Furthermore, our cost per active, inactive, and retired member was $10 below the peer median average. Visit to learn more.