Stay Informed

November 30, 2016

Since you’ve chosen to keep your account at Colorado PERA, remember that you have access to the following resources to help you better understand your retirement plan:

Online Calculators

Visit the Calculators page for calculators to help you plan for retirement. On several calculators, you can use the “Load Data” button to import information directly from your account by logging in with your User ID and password.

Personalized Information

About six weeks after your anniversary date of PERA membership, you’ll receive a personalized Annual Member Statement. (Members in the Denver Public Schools [DPS] benefit structure will receive statements six weeks after their anniversary date with DPSRS.) The Statement includes information on your account balance, service credit, beneficiary, and more.

You may also review your Annual Member Statement at any time by logging on to your account.

Group Meetings

PERA representatives travel throughout the state and hold meetings to help members better understand their benefits. A Benefit Information Meeting may be a good meeting to attend because it offers a broad overview of the benefits you’ll receive at retirement. Find a meeting near you.

Log On for a Personalized Experience

You’ll get the most out of these resources if you log on to with your User ID and password. If you don’t have a User ID, request a PIN. PERA will mail you a PIN and you can use it to create a User ID and password for accessing your account.