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Information on eligibility requirements and estimated costs of purchasing defined benefit service credit (includes a Service Credit Purchase Application).

Learn about leaving your account at PERA, refunding your account, and tax issues concerning refunding. This booklet also includes Refund Request and Rollover Request forms and was previously called Terminating PERA-Covered Employment.

Retirement Application Kit

If you are planning to retire within the next four to five months, this Kit has all of the latest versions of the forms and brochures needed to ensure a smooth transition from PERA-covered employment to retirement.

Information on applying for a PERA retirement benefit (includes the Retirement Application).

A list of upcoming PERA meeting open to any PERA member or retiree.

Para los miembros que cesen su relación laboral con un empleador cubierto por PERA. Incluye información sobre la permanencia de los fondos de su cuenta en PERA, el reembolso de los fondos de su cuenta y asuntos tributarios relacionados con el reembolso. Incluye formularios de solicitud de reembolso y de transferencia. Si planea llenar un formulario de solicitud de reembolso o de transferencia, asegúrese de presentar ambas páginas del formulario a PERA

Detailed information on PERA's survivor benefits, which are part of the basic PERA benefits program. PERA encourages every member to keep a current copy of this brochure with his or her important papers for survivors' future reference.

All PERA benefit recipients will want to know how a PERA benefit is affected by federal and Colorado state income tax laws. This brochure has information on both federal and state tax laws and includes the Withholding Preference Form to authorize or change withholding.

If you do not provide withholding instructions, federal law requires PERA to withhold federal income tax at a rate for a married individual claiming three allowances.

Review the Plan document for the PERAPlus 457 Plan.

Information on why you should consider leaving your account at PERA when you terminate PERA-covered employment.