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Must be completed by your employer before you can retire. Please take this form to your personnel office no less than three months prior to your retirement date.

Use this form to have your financial institution certify the plan you would like your Colorado PERA Defined Benefit (DB) plan to be rolled into if you did not complete the Financial Institution Certification section of the Rollover Request-Defined Benefit Plan form or if you have tax-paid money in your account and need certification.

Para los nuevos miembros o los miembros que cambien de beneficiarios, de información de empleo, nombre, dirección, etc. (Si sólo cambia de dirección, puede llamar a PERA en vez de completar este formulario.)

Information on the most frequently asked questions about PERA from active members.

Details on how Highest Average Salary (HAS) is calculated in both the PERA and Denver Public Schools (DPS) benefit structures.

Review an overview of converting pre-tax funds to Roth funds in the PERAPlus 401(k) and 457 Plans. 

Una revisión de los beneficios de PERA: todos los miembros nuevos reciben este folleto al afiliarse a PERA.

An overview of PERA benefits; every new member is mailed this brochure upon beginning PERA membership.

Information on the maximum annual limit on PERA benefits set by the IRS.

For members who are taking a leave of absence: without pay, paid sabbatical time, or military leave.