PERACare Select

PERACare Select offers a fixed-cost hip or knee replacement benefit to Colorado PERA’s pre-Medicare retirees and their dependents enrolled in an Anthem PPO plan through PERACare.

PERA has partnered with skilled orthopedic surgeons at local HealthONE health care facilities, including Rose Medical Center, North Suburban Medical Center, and Swedish Medical Center, to provide a fixed price for surgery and medical services related to hip and knee replacement procedures—from intake to discharge.   

Who is eligible for PERACare Select?

PERACare Select is a great option for retirees and their dependents who are advised by their doctors that they need a hip or knee replacement. Pre-Medicare retirees and their dependents who are covered by one of Anthem’s PPO plans, can receive a hip or knee surgery at no out-of-pocket cost.

What will it cost me?

For many PERACare enrollees, there will be no out-of-pocket cost at all. With PERACare Select, we take the guesswork out of health care costs and give our retirees a solution to price variation by telling you how much you will pay for a hip or knee replacement up front. 

What does PERACare Select cover?

PERACare Select covers most of the services from intake to discharge. The fixed price includes surgery, replacement hardware, anesthesia as well as pain block and management. Any costs outside of this package related to the procedure will be covered under the patient’s regular health plan and the costs subject to fulfilling any required deductible.

Where is PERACare Select offered?

PERA has contracted with a select group of doctors and facilities in the Denver metro area which set a fixed price for a full suite of services from intake to discharge. The price includes surgery, hardware, anesthesia, and pain block and management.

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Can PERACare Select save me money?

Retirees who choose one of the PERACare Select designated providers will have all cost sharing waived. This could save retirees as much as $13,000.

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