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PERACare... a Good Choice for Public Employersperacare employer

PERACare is a health benefits program that PERA employers can join to cover their employees who are PERA members. PERA retirees also are eligible for this program. The program provides health care, dental, and vision plans. A distinguishing feature of this program is choice―more choices than many employers are able to offer on their own.

PERA makes participating in PERACare easy by providing:

You, as the employer, would simply need to join PERACare for all of these choices to be available to your employees. PERA assists you with all of the administration. The following are services PERA provides:

For More Information

PERACare Employer Information; Health, Vision, and Dental Plans-2014 Plan Information provides information about participation and eligibility guidelines, the initial effective date policy, service areas, and the plans at-a-glance.

PERACare Employer Information; Health, Vision, and Dental Plans-2013 Plan Information

Premium Information

Joining PERACare

Health Plan Descriptions-2013 Plan Information

Health Plan Descriptions-2014 Plan Information

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