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PERA retirement benefits boost Colorado’s economy

The recently released Colorado PERA’s Economic and Fiscal Impacts report prepared by Pacey Economics, Inc. demonstrates the widespread economic stability that PERA retirement payments provide to communities across the state. In 2021, PERA distributed $4.35 billion to retirees in Colorado, which helped support more than 31,000 jobs. The report also states that the downstream economic effects of PERA retirement distributions result in a total economic output of $6.8 billion.

The reliable income retirees receive has a stabilizing effect on local economies. Even during economic downturns, retiree income remains steady. This effect is often greatest in Colorado’s rural counties, where retiree income makes up a greater share of area payroll. In 26 Colorado counties, these distributions represent at least 10% of the county’s total payroll.

You can find the full report on the “Financial Reports and Studies” page on

Infographic detailing PERA benefits' impacts on Colorado's economy