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PERA Releases 2021 Investment Stewardship Report

Stewardship Report

Colorado PERA has the responsibility to make sound investment decisions for the longevity of the retirement system, to the ultimate benefit of our members.

Choosing investments responsibly means looking at a multitude of factors like industry trends and the global economy.

The 2021 Investment Stewardship Report explores how PERA integrates such factors into our investment decisions, keeps costs low, and advocates for fair markets, while reaffirming our commitment to the interests of our stakeholders as we pursue the long-term financial sustainability of the Fund.


Some highlights of the 2021 Report include:

  • A revision of the PERA Board’s Proxy Voting Policy (Policy). One of the ways PERA acts as good stewards is through proxy voting. The goal of PERA’s proxy voting activities is to encourage the alignment of corporate interests with long-term investor interests. The Policy revisions include a new Philosophy Statement which articulates the Board’s position on the incorporation of financially relevant environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters and voting proxies within PERA’s fiduciary duty.
  • Expansion of internal management. PERA expanded internal management of its public market portfolios in 2020 by bringing the full defined benefit fixed income portfolio in-house. PERA now manages 63% of the total fund in-house at a cost of about 0.04% of those assets.

Read the full Report and learn more about PERA’s Proxy Voting activities