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Pandemic Promotes Predatory Ploys

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Image source: Chainarong Prasertthai-iStock-Getty Images Plus

As many people try to protect themselves from the coronavirus, scammers are out in full force using this public health crisis as an opportunity to prey on people. According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), scammers and identity thieves are finding new ways to take advantage of people during the pandemic, and anyone can be a victim.

Many scams currently circulating are centered around COVID-19 and include:

  • Treatments and cures
  • Vaccines
  • Stimulus funds
  • Unemployment claims

Prevention Tips

While anyone can be a victim of identity theft or other scams, there are some ways to reduce your risk:

  • Never “click here”
  • Never allow remote access to your computer
  • Change your passwords and use multifactor authentication
  • Screen calls and hang up
  • Consider a credit freeze
  • Monitor your accounts
  • Report fraud and identity theft

The pandemic has given scammers a lot of new opportunities to prey on people especially as more people are isolated and at home, but by paying attention to any red flags and protecting your personal information, you can help reduce your risk.

*Report any scams to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation 24-hour ID theft and fraud hotline 1-855-443-3489