Ambassador Program

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Are you interested in getting involved to represent Colorado PERA locally?

PERA's Ambassador Program is made up of PERA members who volunteer to share PERA's positive message in the communities where they live. After receiving training, you and other local Ambassadors will be asked to participate in a variety of ways including contacting your state senator and representative, writing letters to the editor, and participating in occasional community meetings or other outreach efforts. As an Ambassador, you play a critical role in PERA's strategy to communicate the value of PERA to the state. You will be our voice and advocate, personalizing the PERA story and sharing it with elected officials and community leaders in your area.

"I make a difference by representing PERA in my community as an Ambassador. The time commitment is small, but I know I'm helping to protect my retirement and invest in our community."

~ Sharon Jamison, Colorado Springs Educator and PERA Ambassador