Corporate Governance

Colorado PERA is committed to protecting the assets of our members through a dedication to responsible corporate governance. PERA has been widely recognized as a leader in promoting accountability and transparency.

PERA manages investments on a global basis in 7,000 to 8,000 companies, acting as the shareholder of investments solely for the benefit of its members and retirees as their fiduciary and as a long-term investor in U.S. and international equity markets. PERA votes, by proxy, at companies’ annual and special meetings.

In 2017, PERA participated in over 5,600 annual and special meetings and reviewed over 63,800 proposals. The proxies for these companies involve the election of numerous directors, approval of compensation and acquisitions, shareholder initiatives submitted for shareholder approval, and any number of additional matters.

The Shareholder Responsibility Committee, oversees the proxy voting efforts of the staff. The Proxy Voting Policy adopted by the PERA Board of Trustees provides guidance to the staff on PERA’s positions on various common issues that are the subject of proxy voting.

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