GASB Glossary

Net Pension Liability (NPL)

Each employer’s share of the unfunded liability (Total Pension Liability minus the Pension Plan’s Fiduciary Net Position) associated with their employees who participate in PERA.

Discount Rate

A blended or single rate (expressed as a percentage) that reflects (1) the long-term expected rate of return on pension plan investments to the extent (a) this rate will support projected benefit payments of the plan, and, (b) assets will be invested using the current allocation targeted to achieve that return, and (2) for the period of benefit payments not supported, will incorporate an index rate for 20-year tax-exempt municipal bonds.

Employer’s Proportion

A measure of the proportionate relationship of an employer of a cost-sharing pension plan like PERA to all employers of the plan.

Pension Expense

Represented by changes in PERA’s Net Pension Liability, recognized in the current reporting period. There are some exceptions that include changes due to differences between expected and actual experience, changes in economic and demographic assumptions, and the difference between projected and actual earnings on pension plan investments.

Pension Plan’s Net Position

PERA’s plan net assets at fair value.

Proportionate Shares

Measures of the collective Net Pension Liability, collective Pension Expense and other disclosure items of the plan related to pensions—attributable to a specific employer, based on the Employer’s Proportion.

Total Pension Liability

The portion of the actuarial present value of projected benefit payments (reflecting projected service and anticipated salary and benefit increases) that is attributed to past periods of PERA member service, similar to current Actuarial Accrued Liability (AAL), determined under the Entry Age Actuarial Cost Method, calculated using the Discount Rate.