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View and/or print forms and publications for retirees and benefit recipients.

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Outlines how members and retirees access PERA accounts online.

This fact sheet describes the Administrative Appeals process. 

Detailed information how the annual increase applies to PERA and Denver Public Schools (DPS) benefit recipients.

Complete this form if you prefer to have a smaller portion of your PERA benefit deposited into a secondary account (example: a savings account reserved for monthly payments on a loan). To have the main portion of your PERA benefit deposited into your primary account, please complete the Direct Deposit by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form.

Complete this form to begin making deductions for the Strength in Change Foundation from your monthly retirement benefit.

To be completed if you want to allow PERA to release information pertaining to your PERA account to specific individuals/entities. This form does NOT cover release of health care information for PERA members and/or benefit recipients enrolled in PERACare. Complete the Authorization to Use and/or Disclose Personal Health Information (PHI) to authorize release of your health plan information.

To be completed to allow PERA to release your personal health information, on file with PERA, as it pertains to your participation in PERA's health plan to specific individuals/entities.

Complete this form to certify continuous coverage if you are enrolling based upon first Medicare eligibility, end of COBRA coverage, or loss of previous coverage. (This certification form is not required if you are enrolling at retirement or during an open enrollment period.)

Information on when a PERA retiree may change his or her benefit option or cobeneficiary selection. (Sent to member upon retirement.)

Review the abbrieviations for deductions that appear on retiree benefit checks.