Retiree Report - Fall 2017

Learn about the proposed changes to PERA, read letters from the PERA Board and Executive Director, and more.

Dear PERA Members and Benefit Recipients, I am writing to you as the Chairman of the Colorado PERA Board of Trustees to inform you that the Board is recommending changes to your retirement system. We...
Learn more about the PERA Board’s legislative proposal by attending an upcoming PERAtour meeting By now, many of you have probably heard about the PERA Board’s recommendation to lower the funding...
PERA staff will tour the state providing more information about the Board’s recommended package and specific plan changes. Meetings will be held in 11 cities.
At its September meeting, the Colorado PERA Board of Trustees endorsed a package of reforms designed to reduce the overall risk profile of the plan and improve PERA’s funded status. This endorsement follows extensive analysis by the PERA Board and a statewide outreach effort with a range of stakeholders.
Colorado PERA has created a fact sheet further explains the recommended package to improve PERA's risk profile and funding status.
Colorado PERA is guided by our commitment to quality customer service, operational efficiency, ethical conduct, and accountability. Our commitment has been recently recognized by two organizations.
In the coming months, the Colorado PERA Board of Trustees may consider making changes to PERA’s Rules. Information on proposed changes is available online.
There are several recent changes to the Colorado PERA Board of Trustees.
A recently released study shows the economic impact of retirement distributions made by Colorado PERA to retirees living in Colorado topped $6 billion in 2016—an increase of $1 billion in just two years.
Colorado PERA is required by law to act solely in the best interest of our members and retirees. This undivided loyalty is called being a fiduciary, and it’s one of the most important aspects of managing your retirement plan.
Answers to some common questions from retirees are available on Colorado PERA’s website at
If you’re planning on making changes to your PERACare health, dental, or vision plan, PERA must receive your Enrollment/Change Form by November 9.
Spending a career as a teacher or State employee is a career spent contributing to Colorado PERA, rather than Social Security. So how do the two systems compare? We looked at five different categories.
Colorado PERA’s Customer Service Center expects a very busy fall with the next phase of the PERAtour and PERACare open enrollment. We have some tips on how to get your questions answered as efficiently as possible.
There could be a reduction in your benefit if you work after retirement for a public employer affiliated with PERA. Generally, you are limited to working 110 days/720 hours each calendar year for a PERA employer after retirement.
If you do not receive your benefit check within five business days of the payment date, contact PERA for a Lost Check Certification.
Colorado PERA values the security of all member information. That’s why we implement security methods to make sure that only you have access to your personal PERA information.
Check out this compilation of books written by your fellow retirees.
Being able to explore Colorado’s diverse and majestic landscape is one of the many perks of living in this great state. It’s also what inspired Debbie Overeynder to volunteer as a USDA Forest Service Representative after she retired from Aspen School District 1 in June 2006.
The Colorado PERA Board of Trustees has recommended a package of changes to the plan.