Additional Online Security Available

November 30, 2016

Images of security words and symbols.You can now opt in to a new program that adds an extra layer of security when you access your Colorado PERA account. Multifactor authentication combines something you know: your User ID and password, with something you have in your possession: your phone. Using the new multifactor authentication option will require you to enter a new security code sent to your home or mobile phone, in addition to your User ID and password, every time you log on to your account. Multifactor authentication is a best practice at financial institutions. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about this new option:

Why should I use multifactor authentication?

The goal of multifactor authentication is to create a layered defense, making it more difficult for an unauthorized person to access your account information. It is more difficult for others to retrieve your data because your account cannot be accessed without combining many different pieces of information. Adding multifactor authentication to your PERA account provides a more secure experience.

Do I have to use multifactor authentication?

No, it’s a voluntary option. If you do not opt in to the program, you can continue logging on to your PERA account using only your User ID and password.

How do I opt in?

Begin by logging on to your account with your User ID and password and choose Update User Profile. You can opt in by clicking “Enroll” under “Multifactor Authentication.” You’ll then enter a phone number to receive a one-time security code. If you enter a mobile phone number, you may choose to receive a voice or a text message. All other phones will receive a voice message. Once you receive your security code and enter it into the box, you’ll receive a confirmation message that your setup is complete.

Once I have multifactor authentication, how will the way I log in change?

Once you have opted to use multifactor authentication, each time you log in to your account you will continue to provide your User ID and password. Then a new security code will be sent to the phone number you set up when you opted in. After you successfully enter in that code, you’ll be able to access your account. You will be sent a new security code each time you log on to your account.


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Multifactor authentication is a best practice at financial institutions.