Account Access FAQs

What is a PIN?

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a number that Colorado PERA uses to verify your identity when first logging on to the secure pages of PERA’s website. You use your PIN to create a User ID and password to access your PERA account in the future.

How safe is accessing account information via a secure connection?

PERA strives to ensure secure information access. To help ensure that your information is protected and only available to you, PERA uses PINs, User IDs and passwords, SSL, and third-party certification to secure our site and your information.

I already logged on to the system, but when I tried to access my account information, it transferred me back to the log on screen again. Why?

When you log on to PERA’s secure site, PERA uses unique identification numbers to associate you with your browser, so that only your browser accesses your account information. This association is temporary. After about 15 minutes of inactivity, PERA assumes that you have abandoned your session and these numeric associations are destroyed. This means if your session becomes inactive, you will be required to log on again.

What personal account information is accessible through PERA’s secure website?

Once you log on to PERA’s secure site, you can view salary history, service credit, refunds, transfers, unclaimed property, beneficiaries, personal information, life insurance, PERACare information, purchased service credit, deductions, payments, and current benefits as it applies to you.

How current is the online account information?

All information appears immediately after it has been posted (accepted, corrected, and processed) by PERA. Typically, salary and service credit information appears the following month because employers send that information on a delayed basis (i.e., December payroll/contribution information is usually posted mid to late January).