Opportunity Fund

The Opportunity Fund is comprised of investments that would generally not be included in one of PERA’s other asset classes. While there is an emphasis on strategic investments, tactical opportunities are also considered. At the present time, the Opportunity Fund is comprised of allocations to timber, tactical and credit opportunities, and risk parity, which are all managed by external managers. The objective of the Opportunity Fund is to improve the risk-adjusted return of PERA’s consolidated portfolio.


Real Estate

PERA invests in office buildings, apartments, industrial buildings, and other types of commercial real estate around the world. PERA’s real estate investments produce stable income and the opportunity for capital appreciation

Private Equity

PERA invests in private equity, venture capital, and special situation partnerships. PERA will also consider co-investments with private equity sponsors on a limited basis. The Private Equity program's objective is to generate investment returns in excess of the publicly traded markets as well as to deliver investment returns that rank highly against the private market opportunity set.

Private Equity Portfolio

Fixed Income

PERA invests in bonds primarily issued by U.S. and foreign governments, government entities, and corporations. The bonds that PERA owns are generally high quality, although PERA does have a modest exposure to emerging market and high-yield bonds. Bond investments represent an important source of interest income and cash flow for the Plan.

Global Equity

Colorado PERA invests in stocks issued by domestic and international companies. Stock investments represent an important source of long-term growth for the overall portfolio.