Divorce/Domestic Relations Orders

Colorado state law permits the division of Colorado PERA retirement benefits through a Domestic Relations Order (DRO) in conjunction with a divorce involving a PERA member or retiree. A DRO involving a PERA member/retiree must be created in accordance with Colorado law and PERA Rules and procedures. (Since a divorce is a complicated procedure, each party in a divorce should consult with his or her own attorney.)

PERA provides the required forms and specific instructions to create a valid DRO that PERA will recognize. In addition, PERA should review the proposed DRO Order and Agreement prior to its submission to the Court.

The DRO materials listed below may also be ordered below, by emailing Customer Service, or calling 1-800-759-7372.

For questions relating to a DRO, please call PERA's Legal Department at 1-800-759-7372 ext. 6271.