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Member contribution rate increases

Member contributions to PERA increased for all members on July 1, 2022. This increase was part of legislation passed in 2018. Increasing the amount you contribute to PERA is not easy but keep in mind:

  • Every dollar you contribute is placed in your own personal retirement account at PERA.
  • Your contributions will come back to you, either as a monthly retirement benefit that can’t be outlived, or as a lump-sum payment to you if you refund your account.
  • Your contributions are earning interest, currently 3%.

Member contribution rates:

State, School, and DPS DivisionsSafety Officers*Local Government DivisionJudicial Division
Current (as of July 1, 2022)11.0%13.0%9.0%11.0%

*Please see Your PERA Benefits or the PERA Overview for Safety Officers on for additional details on positions defined as Safety Officers.