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How well are we serving you?

Many thanks to the nearly 13,000 members who responded to our member survey earlier this year. The survey touched on a number of areas to determine how well PERA is serving its members today and how overall member satisfaction has shifted since the last survey in 2019. Member satisfaction improved from the previous survey with an overall increase of nine points.

The survey focused on three main areas:

  • satisfaction with services
  • trust in PERA
  • would you recommend someone take a job that offered PERA benefits

Scores improved in each of these categories for both retirees and active members. Nearly 80% of retirees rated themselves on the survey as grateful and they were four times more likely to be satisfied with PERA services and benefits than working members.

Active members also reported greater satisfaction since the 2019 survey, but many stated they were reserving judgment while being optimistic about their benefits. The most satisfied working members were those who reported engaging with PERA through the Customer Service Center, website, or by attending a webinar. These members were 50% more likely to describe themselves as optimistic about PERA and reported improved understanding of their future retirement benefits.

Digital communications were the clear preference among respondents with 63% of survey participants reported a preference for emails to learn about PERA, followed by information on The top choices for web content included:

  • retirement savings tips (29%)
  • articles on retirement planning (25%)
  • financial literacy information (25%)

Moving forward

We sincerely appreciate hearing from our members. We’ve added more retirement planning and financial literacy articles to as well as more on-demand content with helpful videos and recorded webinars you can view at your convenience. We’ve also improved our member login site with better access to the most needed information and your individual benefits.

Thank you for your feedback, and for helping us improve